Life is a zipper. Think about it.

Life is a zipper. Think about it.

Sometimes its going well, it’s moving along the track well, pieces fitting together, making that satisfying sound as it goes up, leaving us feeling protected and warm from outside elements that might make us miserable.

We take off the jacket once we feel safe at our intended destination – when we know everything is safe and we can feel comfortable and stay awhile.

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There are times when I put on this jacket and the tracks of the zipper have misaligned, disconnects and inevitably leads me to fight with the zipper, cursing it, praying to God to help me get the zipper down, because I am stuck and I want to start over. I become fearful that I will never get it fixed. I begin to sweat as I struggle.

Sometimes my persistence pays off, and working through it, I get the zipper to go back down to try again with success.

Sometimes I struggle and fight too long, get angry and wreck it.

Sometimes I just give up. Tired and defeated.

I laugh just thinking about it.

Life has lots of ups and downs (pun intended) and when it feels like it’s getting off track, we might struggle, becoming frustrated and want to give up, but we shouldn’t. I have found that those are the moments when I grow. It’s when I see my errors and often the solution to them. It might mean I was moving way too fast and was being impatient. Most of the time it means I lost track (again, pun intended) of what’s most important.

I have to stop, see the situation clearly, remember to be patient, and things are usually redeemed.

Preachy part: As a Christian, this also means trusting in Jesus to guide me through the process of correction and redemption. Instead of fighting with life and it’s situations, I trust in the Redeemer himself to make all things work for His glory and my good. Amen? Amen. So next time your zipper get’s stuck, or goes off the track, remember:

 Life is like a zipper.

 Think about it.


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