Why “wholesomeolsen”?

Before you ask, yes this was a nickname of mine.

A long time ago, when I was in my 20’s and worked at a very large coffee corporation in Seattle (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) I became a follower of Jesus Christ. Now wait, before you think this will be preachy, I promise you it won’t be. Well, not yet.

I would say that it was a dramatic change in my life and in my worldview. This was also quite noticeable by the people I worked with. I began reading and studying my Bible during breaks and having conversations with other coworkers about my new relationship. I would not bring it up and proselytize, because I was still trying to understand it all myself. None the less, it was a big change.

My supervisor, whom I had known from a previous company and now work for again at this company, would tease me in a fun way about it. He would often call me “Ned Flanders”, which bothered me at first but then I thought, “I could be called a lot worst”. Then he began calling me “wholesomeolsen” which I thought was great, because to be known as someone who is wholesome, to me, is not a bad nor boring thing.

So I adopted this nickname. Wanting to begin writing again, I thought it would be a great name to call my blog. Not that everything I post will be a vanilla flavor of wholesome, but more like Neapolitan wholesome – little humor, some deeper thoughts and feels, and sometimes a story involving poop. It happens.

Although I am writing this mostly for me, I do hope that by sharing my life stories and struggles in an honest and hopefully colorful way, I can help others throughout their lives and meet others like me.

Have a nickname with a story? Share it in the comments!


Wes Olsen

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